About Us

We are Northern Michigan based and it’s our goal to be a resource to help market and promote local business and real estate properties. We do this by way of interactive virtual tours, drone video, and professional video.

Craig Baas – Owner (Younger brother)

Craig was born and raised in Northern Michigan and loves being able to help market real estate and businesses in the beautiful areas where he grew up. Craig noticed that virtual tours and video was increasingly becoming the norm to promote real estate and commercial businesses. Craig saw there was very little virtual tour resources in Northern Michigan, so he took the plunge and started Mi Virtual Tours in August of 2017. Business took off right from inception and there was no looking back. Craig and his wife, Amanda, have one beautiful daughter and they are world record holders in team diaper changing.

When he’s not spending time correcting people that his name is Craig and not Greg, he enjoys time with family and friends and taking advantage of all the seasons Northern Michigan has to offer.

Fun Fact: Craig is addicted to Mountain Dew

Jeff – Drone pilot and videographer (Older brother)

Jeff spent much of his childhood beating up his younger brother, Craig, and telling him he’s adopted. Jeff owns his own videographer business (Montage Media Films) that he started in 2015, and business is booming. Jeff and his wife, Kelly, have two adorable daughters. You can see some great examples of Jeff’s work at www.montagemediafilms.com. Mi Virtual Tours and Montage Media Films team up on many projects to create one spectacular showcase for their clients.

Fun fact: Jeff is also addicted to Mountain Dew